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[meme] Multi-fandom Christmas-themed Drabblefest

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 03:55 pm
posted by: backtograce in pantlesspockets

multifandom christmas drabblefest

Merry Christmas everyone! In an effort to bring some cheer (and writing mojo) into out lives, I've decided to host a Christmas-themed drabble meme! Request something, or just go ahead and write something, that has a Christmas feel to it. Whether it's mistletoe, snow falling, Christmas lights or opening presents, make it feel like Christmas! (If you want to include other holidays, feel free! I just don't know any others that happen at the same time as Christmas.)

    001. When posting a request, make sure the subject of your comment has FANDOM(S) | CHARACTER(S)/PAIRING | HIGHEST RATING YOU WANT and then put the prompt in the comment itself.
    002. When posting a non-requested drabble/fulfillment drabble, make sure the subject of your comment has FANDOM(S) | CHARACTER(S)/PAIRING | RATING. Also include a warning if there's room/you think there should be warning for whatever's in your drabble.
    003. Spread the love! If you like something someone else wrote, comment and tell them! (On the flipside: if you don't like something someone wrote, just move on.)
    004. Don't start wank/flame anyone/be rude.
    005. Spread the word! C/p the code and let everyone know that they should come join in on the fun!
    006. Original stuff is welcome, but I'd prefer keeping it fandom-centric.
    007. Have fun! If you have questions, comment here.

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from: fiddlings
date: Dec. 24th, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)

Back in the present, Stefan pulls the cover away from the tomb’s entrance, and Katherine appears out of the darkness a few seconds later. He can’t help forming a comparison in his mind between her appearance now and in Christmas past. Maybe that is what draws him back to her, a nagging desire to know if she’s exactly the same as he remembers or if maybe she has changed. Maybe her declarations of love intrigue him, even if he refuses to believe them. Whatever it is, he’s here. He’s starting to think he always will be, even when he knows better.

“What do you want, Stefan?” she croaks, and she’s too far gone for even a little bit of snark.

“Merry Christmas, Katherine,” is all he says, tossing in a bag from Damon’s blood stash. He stands several feet away, staying only long enough to make sure she can reach it before he turns around and heads back for the Salvatore boarding house.

He walks, making the journey several minutes longer than necessary. The woods all around him are covered with snow, their beauty enchanting. But the only thing he sees is the grateful look in her eyes and the small smile that crossed her features right before he turned away, so heart-wrenchingly similar to the smiles she used to give him when she knew no one was looking. When he reaches the boarding house, Stefan gives his head one quick shake and steps inside, leaving the past in the past where he tells himself it belongs.

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